wpa_gui for Qt5

Sundareson, Prabindh prabu
Fri Nov 29 02:44:14 PST 2013

Hello all,

While moving some of our existing code bases to Qt5, found that wpa_gui is a component that needs to move as well. But since there was no equivalent Qt5 port I had to move the wpa_gui-qt4 code to qt5.

I tested the Qt5 ported UI on x86 linux, and ARM v7 (eglfs/linuxfb). I have the work currently in github (https://github.com/prabindh/wpa_gui).

Is this the right list for posting the qt5 port patches of wpa_gui ? Please let me know.

[This is my first posting to the mailing list, forgive any mistakes if any]


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