Bridge hostapd coonected user to internet router

Kf Lee kflee2000
Fri Nov 15 09:21:27 PST 2013


I just managed to install hostapd +  dhcpd and configure wlan0 to act as ap
with android  user is able to connect the ap with an assigned ip  The pc (Linuxmint 15) that Is cable wired to the  router is in and the router  ip set to

I thought tthat the Android user should be able to connect to internet via
pc using  iptables to forward the package but it can't.  First question :
is this right thinking ? If it in the rght track, can  anyone provide  a
working example ?

I search through a lot write up in the web and none actually work which
surprised me. This seem a quite typical use of hostapd.

I also try use bridge but the brctl command say that bridge does not
support wlan0 .  From reading it become clear bridge is for bridging wired
network segments.

Any help is appreciated .
Rgds ,  kfl.
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