P2P_GROUP_ADD fails for 5 GHz operating channel, "Cannot force GO on channel we are already using"

Hunt, Preston preston.hunt
Tue Nov 5 13:32:28 PST 2013


I am trying to start an autonomous P2P group owner in a 5 GHz operating channel. After setting the country (US), regulatory class (115), and channel (44), I try "P2P_GROUP_ADD", but it fails with the following:
1.  1741360106.467972: P2P: Set GO freq based on configured frequency 5220 MHz
2.  1741360106.467994: wlan27: Determining shared radio frequencies (max len 1)
3.  1741360106.468011: wlan27: Shared frequencies (len=0): completed iteration
4.  1741360106.468019: wlan27: Shared frequencies (len=0): valid for P2P
5.  1741360106.468026: wlan27: Determining shared radio frequencies (max len 1)
6.  1741360106.468032: wlan27: Shared frequencies (len=0): completed iteration
7.  1741360106.468038: wlan27: P2P: num_unused_channels: 1
8.  1741360106.468043: P2P: Cannot force GO on any of the channels we are already using. Use one of the free channels
9.  1741360106.468049: P2P: The selected channel for GO (5220 MHz) is not supported for P2P uses
(I uploaded the full wpa_supplicant log here: http://pastebin.com/RNLqAuNP)

I'm confused by this error message because (1) the NIC is not currently associated or otherwise in use (as far as I know) and (2) the log indicates "num_unused_channels: 1".

Is there anything special that I would need to do in order to support a 5 GHz operating channel? This works fine in 2.4 GHz (e.g., reg class 81, channel 1). I would sincerely appreciate any tips!

This is based off of hostapd git commit 2b6623ab and using an ath9k-based NIC (Sony UWA-BR100) which is dual-band.

Best regards,
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