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Sun Jun 2 21:10:54 PDT 2013

multiple AP + P2P-GO combinations a total of 8. Eg. 4 AP's + 4 P2P-GO's.
The second limit on the AP's comes from the DFS channels
(See radar detect width's at the end).  ONly when you start an AP in a
DFS channel, in that case you can have only 1 AP instance.

So you should be able to configure the combination you wanted.

> I do not mind searching around to figure out how to make it work, but I t=
hink it is already telling me no-go, and just wanted to confirm.
You cannot just hack it, based on the limitations of the driver
and underlying FW these limits are imposed.

> While we're here :), I have interpreted "#channels <=3D 1" to mean that w=
hen I'm running AP and STA at the same time, they must be on the same chann=
el. That is working fine, but I'd also like to >confirm that I'm interpreti=
ng it correctly and im not being overly restrictive.

Yes, this is the case. A driver advertises no of channels > 1 only
when it supports
channel contexts and multi-channel concurrency.

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