Hostapd Log Messages to Syslog

chandresh tank chandresh.matrix
Tue Jun 11 22:23:11 PDT 2013


here is my problem,

if i start hostapd daemon in background mode then it won't give any debug
to syslog or stdout and that's ok but even when i start hostapd daemon
Normally (without -B options) , with these logging options in  hostapd.conf
file ---

it gives debug to stdout only and gives nothing on syslog..

i have configured syslog daemon like this for hostapd

/* syslog.conf */

//other syslog confiuration

*.*                        /var/log/hostap.log

but still hostapd doesn't send any debug messages to syslog,

i don't know what i am missing , do i have to configure anything else to
send hostapd debug on syslog,

Please Help :)

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