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client* were to acquire a lock _from the application_ after having taken th=
e newly added lib_wpa_client lock, is that not correct? By having private l=
ocks inside lib_wpa_client, only code in lib_wpa_client can take said locks=
, which insure they are always taken last and thus would prevent the deadlo=
ck. More importantly, this internal lock would be released by every functio=
n taking it inside lib_wpa_client before returning (i.e. we just serialize =

I could see such a scenario happening only if lib_wpa_client can already bl=
ock forever waiting for something (in this case, with the newly added lock)=
, effectively blocking other threads every time they would call a function =
from lib_wpa_client which also takes that lock. But this would be bug even =
in mono-threaded application, as one call would simply never return ;)

> =

> A similar crash issue was fixed with this:
> =

> 7f6dd64224d22c22c8f7a497331bf5bc335e4c%5E%21/
> =

> Please check if you have the above patch.
> =

Thanks for pointing this out Vivek, but (un)fortunately we do have this pat=
ch in our tree.
One example of the crash I was referring to was in `wpa_ctrl_request()`, se=
gfaulting when dereferencing the `struct wpa_ctrl` after the `select()` sys=
call. A workaround we used is to keep the file descriptor in a local variab=
le not to dereference `ctrl` after the select, but that is just a hack...

Again, I think it will be really hard to fix all potential issues on multi-=
threaded app without adding real locking (in the callee OR caller), all oth=
er solution seem like workarounds of some kind. Waiting for your second tho=
ught on this :)

Thanks again for your time guys and have a nice day.

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