[PATCH] Add missing host_to_le32() for big endian hosts

Michal Kazior michal.kazior
Thu Jul 11 05:50:07 PDT 2013

Compiling hostapd with VHT enabled on a big endian
machine resulted in an undefined symbol error. Fix
this by defining the missing macro.

Signed-hostap: Michal Kazior <michal.kazior at tieto.com>
 src/utils/common.h |    1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/src/utils/common.h b/src/utils/common.h
index e4f7031..29f0b95 100644
--- a/src/utils/common.h
+++ b/src/utils/common.h
@@ -205,6 +205,7 @@ static inline unsigned int wpa_swap_32(unsigned int v)
 #define be_to_host16(n) (n)
 #define host_to_be16(n) (n)
 #define le_to_host32(n) bswap_32(n)
+#define host_to_le32(n) bswap_32(n)
 #define be_to_host32(n) (n)
 #define host_to_be32(n) (n)
 #define le_to_host64(n) bswap_64(n)

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