Pre-authentication in Hostapd

Cedric Debarge cedric.debarge
Wed Jul 10 01:04:02 PDT 2013

Dear mailling list, 

I used hostapd 20130405 from Openwrt.

I have 1 access point with 2 wireless radio card. I run one hostapd on
each radio. 
The pre-authentication is enabled on both access points. 

The wireless client use wpa_supplicant. 

My wireless client is power up, and does an association with AP1 and has
a successful pre authentication on the AP2.
The wireless client roams from AP1 to AP2. 
The AP1 PMKSA entry is deleted on the client, so wireless client tried a
pre authentication on AP2.

The pre authentication failed, because on AP1 the wireless client state
is associate. 

Is it normal ?

If I remove the return on src/ap/preauth_auth.c line 69, the same test
work correctly. 
Is it correct to remove this return ? If yes, I'll submit a patch.

Cedric Voncken.

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