Hostapd wired driver for 802.1x authentication

Edwin Tam edwin.tam
Tue Jul 9 10:54:29 PDT 2013

I am trying to get the hostapd wired driver working with 802.1x 
authentication on a linux box acting a router.

I have hostapd at the point where it is accepting 802.1x packets from a 
windows laptop wired in through ethernet, and it is correctly doing 
802.1x exchanges.

However, I noticed that clients connected to my linux router are able to 
pass traffic through my router regardless of the outcome of the 802.1x 
authentication exchange.

Does hostapd have any built in support in the wired driver for 
ebtables/iptables/etc for blocking traffic if wired clients are not 
authenticated? Or any hooks to block/grant packets from connecting clients?

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