Using HostAP with kernel 3.8-rc5 ?

Mihai Moldovan ionic
Sun Jan 27 11:44:14 PST 2013

* On 27.01.2013 07:16 PM, AM for Hostapd ML wrote:
> Im trying to use Hotapd 2.0 with Kernel 3.8-rc5 but the nl80211 is not found .
> I double checked my Kernel Options and nl80211 seems to be compiled (actually
> I did compare with my 3.6.11 options - there are the same).
> ANyone know if there's an issue with that Kernel ?
> PS: I don't wanna use the 3.7.x kernel as they often do a Kernel Panic on my
> laptop :-( (nearly every time I stop hostapd).
What chipset does your laptop have? If it's Intel ICH10/generation 4.5, same here...
It looks like an interrupt problem and I'm currently debugging this, but it'll
take some time.

Could you please try 3.7.2?

I have crashes on 3.8 and 3.7.4, but not on 3.7.2.

Also, please post the full compile message output of hostapd.

Best regards,


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