hostapd Won't Launch

Ayron Jungren ajungren
Thu Jan 24 12:24:54 PST 2013

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to run hostapd 2.0 on Gentoo Linux, and it's refusing to do
anything at all. Running `hostapd -dd $config_file' returns
immediately and doesn't print any output. In fact, `hostapd -dd
/dev/null' does the same. No syntax errors are recognized (even if I
intentionally put them in), and hostapd isn't backgrounding itself or
anything. I have run `strace' on it, but all I see is it reading the
configuration file then immediately closing the file handle and
calling `exit(1)'. `hostapd -h' and `hostapd -v' both work fine. Has
anyone encountered this as well, or is there anything I can do to
figure out why hostapd is doing this?

Thanks for your time,
Ayron Jungren

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