p2p-commands and *.conf file

niels_w n.wuerzbach
Wed Jan 23 04:01:22 PST 2013

Hi everybody,

I'm uncertain if there is any possibility to automate the creation of 
Wi-Fi Peer to Peer networks only by configuring and handing over a yet 
to be created *.conf file to the wpa_supplicant. As far as I understand, 
that is actually not possible.

Instead, setting up such a configuration file only seems to be of 
interest when trying to either scan for infrastructure networks or to 
maybe set one's own device in IBSS mode to scanning for other devices 
matching a specific network block's requirements. Well okay and for 
setting up wpa_supplicant's socket-i/f and device parameters as _name 
and so on and so forth.

Please verify my assumption or correct me, if I'm wrong. And for the 
latter, it would be very nice if you could support some pointers 
referring to special documentation regarding this topic.

Thanks in advance,


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