Looking for some clarification about remain on channel timing

Peer, Ilan ilan.peer
Mon Jan 21 07:08:16 PST 2013

Hi All,

I'm currently trying to test some P2P Device flows, and I'm looking for some clarification regarding the remain on channel timing and semantics:

*         After the kernel reported that it is ready on the specific channel, does the wpa_supplicant assume that it will not notify about cancel ready on channel earlier than expected? It is possible that after the remain on channel session started, some other event happened that required the canceling of the remain on channel session.

o   For example, the p2p_long_listen is decremented regardless of the actual time that the device spent on the requested channel, which in turn can result in shortening the discoverability time of the device.

*         When the wpa_supplicant requests the kernel to remain on a specific channel for a specific amount of time, is it acceptable to delay the request for some time? How long? For example assume that the remain on channel was in order to transmit some action frame to a peer device, if the remain on channel operation is delayed for too long, it might be irrelevant to transmit the frame, and the entire operation should be aborted.

o   I guess that alternatively, the wpa_supplicant, can trigger a timer to cancel the request if it exceeds a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks in advance,

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