[PATCH] Disable high bitrates for WPA negotiations

Felix Fietkau nbd
Mon Jan 21 04:10:04 PST 2013

On 2013-01-17 8:56 PM, Christopher Wiley wrote:
> Temporarily disable "high" bitrates during association with a BSS.
> Users of wpa_supplicant can set disable_high_bitrates=1 in their
> interface config, which causes the driver to disable high bitrates on
> the interface during associations.  The user can then call over DBus via
> EnableHighBitrates() to re-enable high bitrates at their discretion.
> This is intended to facilitate staying at low bitrates all the way
> through DHCP negotiations and other one time initial connection setup
> steps.  Some setup processes, like WPA negotiation, can time out before
> the system rate control algorithm has a chance to wind down to sane
> rates.
> Signed-hostap: Christoper Wiley <wiley at chromium.org>
What driver / rate control algorithm are you using this workaround for?
Wouldn't it be better to fix the rate control module instead? Having a
rate control module start with high data rates and no proper fallback
this early seems like a bug or design flaw to me that should be
addressed properly instead of worked around with a patch like this.

- Felix

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