Mismatch in FT Action Frame

Kai Scharwies kai
Thu Jan 17 07:52:44 PST 2013

Hello everybody,

while experimenting with 802.11r functionality of wpa_supplicant/hostapd I
tried roaming between to APs (configured with FT-PSK) using the command
"ft_ds f8:d1:11:15:de:d0" in wpa_cli.

In the hostapd log of one of the APs it says this:

1358436032.545729: hostapd_action_rx: FT_ACTION length 157
1358436032.545736: FT: Received FT Action frame (STA=15:6d:84:6b:f4:f8
Target AP=d1:11:15:de:d0:30 Action=0)
1358436032.545750: FT: Mismatch in FT Action STA address:
STA=00:15:6d:84:6b:f4 STA-Address=15:6d:84:6b:f4:f8
1358436032.552326: FT: RRB received packet f8:d1:11:15:de:d0 ->

In my opinion either wpa_supplicant inserts the mac addresses at the wrong
position of the action frame, or hostapd parses the received frame
incorrectly, because you can see a "shift" in the mac adresses' output:

d1:11:15:de:d0:30 should really be f8:d1:11:15:de:d0
15:6d:84:6b:f4:f8 should really be 00:15:6d:84:6b:f4

Can anyone confirm my suspicion?

Best regards,
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