Service Query TLV(s)

Nishant Sharma nishantshrm009
Mon Jan 7 21:12:40 PST 2013

Hi Jouni,
              To use the service discovery feature of wpa_supplicant for
the wpa_supplicant specification says :

*p2p_serv_disc_req* <addr> <TLV(hexdump)>

Schedule a P2P service discovery request. The parameters for this
command are the device address of the peer device (or 00:00:00:00:00:00
for wildcard query that is sent to every discovered P2P peer that
supports service discovery) and P2P Service Query TLV(s) as hexdump.

  I want to know which TLV represents which kind of request. I mean say if
I am using

*p2p_serv_disc_req <addr> 02000001*

  then the value* 02000001(hexdump) *represents which kind of request .
Please let me know from where I can get the complete list of TLV(hexdump)
and their corresponding request information in details.

Thank you,
Nishant Sharma
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