EAPOL simulation

tabibel sami sami.tabibel
Fri Feb 22 11:52:19 PST 2013

    In purpose to experiment eap-sim authentication protocol, i start by
create the following virtual infrastructure:

     supplicant <---------> NAS (AP)< --------------> freeradius server            
                      |            |             |                    |
                      |            |             |                    |
                      |            |             |                    |
                vmnet8      eth0       bridge              eth0

supplicant : is my real machine,
NAS : is a vmplayer virtual machine,
freeradius server : is an lxc container

i configured freeradius server for tests, and i tested it with eapol_start,
it was worked.
but i need some help to simulate communication between supplicant and
Authenticator (802.1x authentication)

on NAS i executed hostapd
and i try to create EAPOL / START packet whith scapy from supplicant and
send it to the hostapd on NAS but does not work

is there a way to test hostapd, and to simulate an 802.1x authentication
with above virtual network ?
does wpa_supplicant do this authentication in case of ethernet (virtual);
or wpa_supplicant do only wireless authentication ?

thanks in advance.
best regards.
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