[RFC 06/10] nl80211_driver: add support for P2P device in adding and removing interface

Spinadel, David david.spinadel
Sat Feb 16 22:42:26 PST 2013

> >>>> That's not really necessary, unless you want to have a single P2P
> >>>> Device interface shared between multiple devices, no?
> >>>
> >>> Correct, but it seems to make sense to accommodate for it instead of
> >>> doing another patch later on (although the patch went in for v3.9,
> >>> right?). Just a comment, I leave it to David what to do with it.
> >>>
> >> I don't think it required, since wpa_supplicant has only one P2P
> >> state machine, I don't see a reason to deal with more than one P2P
> device.
> >
> > I think the idea behind it was that you could have a 2.4/5 GHz device
> > and a 60 GHz device and have them both use the same P2P Device Address
> > so you can use them interchangeably.
> That is indeed how I understood the explanation from Jouni (see attached
> email). I think it is actually about the mac address that ends up in the action
> frame header.
Actually it's not going to work now, since the p2p state machine will always call the callbacks on the same interface. And there is a problem when you try to do something on one interface and it's running on other one - the events are raising on a wrong interface and I don't know how it should work.
I think it's better to prevent enabling p2p on more than one interface (set p2p_disabled on by default and enable it explicitly if needed in the config file)?

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