hostapd related error

Arend Van Spriel arend
Thu Feb 14 05:06:25 PST 2013

channel [11] (12) is disabled for use in AP mode, flags: 0x3
wlan0: IEEE 802.11 Configured channel (12) not found from the channel list of current mode (1) IEEE 802.11g
wlan0: IEEE 802.11 Hardware does not support configured channel

> A: what hardware/driver are you using?

Could not select hw_mode and channel. (-4)
wlan0: Unable to setup interface.
Flushing old station entries
Deauthenticate all stations
nl80211: Remove interface ifindex=16
netlink: Operstate: linkmode=0, operstate=6
nl80211: Set mode ifindex 7 iftype 2 (STATION)

in our hostapd.config file countrycode -JP & chennel-12 is set
in iw reg get command also shown country jp & related channel
then why this error come

please give me a reply soon

your respected
ravikant patel

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