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Mykyta Iziumtsev mykyta.iziumtsev
Thu Feb 14 02:34:22 PST 2013


Use "iw reg set JP" instead.
Or you can set it in wpa_supplicant.conf or via wpa_cli.
Don't know about hostapd through.

Crda utility is not designed to work in the way you're trying to use it.
Although this is exactly how it is invoked from userspace -- there
first should be
request from kernel to supply regulatory information.

This works like that:
iw (or other entity, like wpa_supplicant) sends netlink message to
kernel with request to set country.
Kernel sends udev event up to userspace with request to provide
regulatory information for given country.
Then, crda utility is invoked by udev scripts with country specified
in environment.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 11:23 AM, RAVIKANT PATEL
<ravikant_patel182000 at> wrote:
> dear sir/madem
> export  COUNTRY= "JP"
> crda
> then got the error:
>                             failed to set regulatory domain:-22
> why this error reply please
> your sincearly
>         ravikant patel
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