Support for P2P on Realtek 8192CU Chipsets

Devel y99 developer.y99
Tue Feb 12 21:50:45 PST 2013

 If this not the right place to ask this question - please let me know.

Based on my understanding p2p support is available in wpa_supplicant as
long as the driver supports mac80211. Per the table in
wireless.kernel.orgit would appear that Realtek 8192CU does support
mac80211/cfg80211 ?

However when I attempt to do a p2p_find/p2p_listen from wpa_cli it fails,
it does work with an Atheros chipset.

For reference - Realtek Device = TLWN821N, Atheros Device = TLWN721N.

If there is additional information that I can provide, please let me know.

How can I :-

Figure out which drivers/devices (specifically USB) can support p2p using
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