TKIP GroupKey Problem

michael-dev michael-dev
Mon Feb 11 05:29:08 PST 2013


digging deeper into this, it now looks more like a kernel problem than 
a hostapd problem.
E.g. if strict rekeying is disabled, multi-bssid is disabled, wpa rekey 
interval reset to default, things only depend on VLANs being enabled or 
disabled (wpa=1,2,3 as well as TKIP/CCMP does not matter).
It even goes that far, that if during the 10min rekeying interval the 
second sta connects, the first will no longer receive broadcasts, and 
things revert once the second sta disconnects. On the AP side, the 
second STA gets authenticiated, moved to the vlan and its key assigned, 
but the group key is not changed.
An upgrade to current openwrt (kernel 3.7.6 + compat-wireless 
2013-01-07 + openwrt patches) also does not help.

  M. Braun

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