Hostap issues after Centos 6.5 upgrade

Jar jar
Tue Dec 10 07:50:48 PST 2013

On 10.12.2013 13:36, Holger Schurig wrote:
> Wrong mailing list ... this is from the Linux kernel, not from the
> hostapd or wpa_supplicant binaries.
> (But my guess is that you've run into some CentOS issues)

Thanks for your answer!

Hostapd and wpa_supplicant works just fine, but my problem seems to be 
the hostap driver (for prism2 cards) itself. The wlan%d in the proc file 
system seems odd to me. But maybe nobody has touched the driver for 
years, so the bug if there is some is elsewhere then.

Best Regards, Jar

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