hostapd segfault, unable to restart, unable to compile 2.0

Jouni Malinen j
Wed Aug 28 02:53:14 PDT 2013

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 08:50:48AM +0100, Norman Henderson wrote:
> Hi, I used hostapd happily for several years on voyage linux but have
> just "upgraded" ?! to Ubuntu  Lucid 10.04 LTS and a custom kernel
> hostapd 0.6.9 periodically dies with "segfault at 0 ip 080a335d sp
> bf8aa810 error 4 in hostapd [8048000+a6000]" (sp value varies). It
> then doesn't authenticate my laptop anymore.

That sounds quite old and I would not consider 0.6.9 to be supported
anymore, so probably not much point in trying to debug that version.

> Seeing the version 0.6.9 is old I downloaded 2.0, created .config
> (only removed radius accounting, otherwise = defconfig), and ran make
> all. It gives many warnings and errors for
> ../src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c.

How about listing some of the errors so that someone could help with
this? Most likely you do not have libnl development packages installed
or need to add CONFIG_LIBNL20=y or CONFIG_LIBNL32=y to hostapd/.config
depending on which version of libnl you are using.

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