[Projekt-wlan] [PATCH v4 05/25] VLAN: Create new data type for VLAN description.

michael-dev michael-dev
Thu Aug 8 05:47:30 PDT 2013


Am 07.08.2013 10:21, schrieb Jouni Malinen:
> Mailing list size limits do not prevent me from merging the patches
> together, so this is not too much of an issue. I was thinking of 
> merging
> this with all the "VLAN: Use new VLAN data type in *" commits. It's 
> fine
> to have them separate for review and mailing list posts, but I see no
> benefit from committing them separately.

so I'll just leave the patches separate as they are and you'll merge 
them before committing?
Or do I need to prepare them for that (i.e. use a different commit 

> And _no_ typedef/#define vlan_t, but struct vlan_description * being
> passed to the functions. This can be added in two parts without 
> breaking
> build, too, with the first phase looking like this:
> struct vlan_description {
> 	int vlan_id;
> };

yep, but we cannot have half the files having a "int vlan_id" and the 
other half "struct vlan_description vlan_id" as one (atleast the gcc 
version I use) cannot cast between struct and non-struct data types. But 
if the transition from "int" to "struct vlan_description" is aggregated 
in a single commit, it will of course work.
So I'll change that.

  M. Braun

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