hostap 1.1-devl updated

Chinchilla, Angie V angie.v.chinchilla
Sat Sep 22 21:22:15 PDT 2012

I've picked up the following commits in 1.1-devel from 2.0-devel:

59ff6653aad1c228cb2e9ccfe02b9dd4e6fc7901 Fix REMOVE_NETWORK to not run operations with invalid current_ssid
5d65ca514dfdac74eb6af72ffd30a578b9df4cfa EAP-SIM peer: Fix AT_COUNTER_TOO_SMALL use
8f234012814b6343f7c3032aad802e0f48774f9c Interworking: Fix PLMN matching with multiple entries
1af1c9ceb618f9254a0aa10426f7e04bce26b3b6 P2P: Fix PD retries on delay in off channel transmission
b4a5dfa95da694e3f2bf1f635e3c039c726e65b9 P2P: Limit maximum number of stored P2P clients to 100
223167956cee676fae65de5a4cbd7fb6aa0482ca Improve p2p_client_list updates in configuration file
d42bc5e1786dd5131ca46ab7c0d3662d31f73b67 Handle long configuration file lines more gracefully
a2f94dbe626e695fdebdd8c29896c5b7a906da11 Fix memory allocation failure handling in EAP-TTLS/MSCHAPv2 server
7f996409e7e5aa0bb066257906e87ab3294d4fd0 Fix EAP-FAST with OpenSSL 1.0.1
a13e07ec4dbb91bacbd224bf3ccc67542b807889 Fix adding extra IEs in sched scan
b4e9e2659b97865f7950ae467a3d828b768c78de WPS: Fix nonce comparisons
a7f10d65f40939d855fd996374e465d7c55b797f PMKSA: Set cur_pmksa pointer during initial association
0e502f97c5848ec30d9a822c03f05c57471abbed PMKSA: Do not evict active cache entry when adding new ones
473b6f22e95936e4f5b8a7c0e9bc382c8a17c9cd Fix WPA GTK rekeying with multiple VLANs
c10fe8c1dfaa294290aaeb44885bb7efa4150abc D-Bus: Fix wpas_dbus_getter_bss_expire_count
a5195e56e89ccb32badb143810eb34f3936538ba D-Bus: Remove network_object dictionary entry from signal GroupStarted
488f4a7108e021be97fc1841fff9042d2b7d737f P2P: Fix provision discovery retries during p2p_find
46d69fa5c6d3c27f2ad294d4e161c01e3b4f75df wpa_gui: Fix compilation with gcc/g++ 4.7
If you have a commit from the main 2.0-devel that you would like
picked up in 1.x please tag it with "intended-for: hostap-1" at
commit time or send me an email with the 2.0-devel commit id.

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