Config Methods in WSC IE on P2P GO

Masashi Honma masashi.honma
Tue Sep 11 05:51:13 PDT 2012

Currently the GO sends Probe Response frame which contains WSC IE with Config
Methods. The Config Methods includes 0x2108 for instance.

[2] says "Configuration Methods corresponds to the methods the AP supports as
an Enrollee for adding external Registrars." at 8.2.5 Probe Response
(D-AP/Registrar) Table 7 . Attributes in WSC IE in the Probe Response frame.

[1] says "P2P Group Owner role:Provides WSC Internal Registrar functionality."
in 2.1 P2P components. And [1] says "P2P Group Owner shall not cross connect
between the WLAN and P2P Group using layer 2 mechanisms." in 3.2.6
Communication in a P2P Group.

So I think these imply "GO could not use external registrar". So I think the
Config Methods could be zero.

But I know there are confused devices such as using Config Methods in WSC IE
even if it is a P2P Client. So even if my consideration is acceptable, the code
should be enclosed by CONFIG_P2P_STRICT macro.

[1] Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technical Specification Version 1.1
[2] Wi-Fi Simple Configuration Technical Specification Version 2.0.2

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