Secondary BSS interface removed with hostapd 1.0 and RALink RT2760 PCI (rt2800pci)

Isan/Matt/Koryn isangaft220
Sat Sep 8 11:18:22 PDT 2012

Hello all,
I seem to be having an issue with adding a second BSS to my hostapd setup
using my RALink RT2760 on my customized IPCop 2.0.4 box (customizations are
for adding wireless support, including a custom 3.5.3 kernel). As far as I
know, either something in the configuration is confusing me or it sounds
like there could be a bug featuring hostapd calling vlan_dellink
prematurely on the second interface.

Here is a link to an image of the networking scheme I want to exist on the
IPCop box:

I have tried creating the interface through iw as managed, __ap, bridged,
with/without 4addr to no avail.
I have tried creating the interface through vconfig as a vlan, also to no
avail. Not sure if I would need some additional configuration in hostapd
for that, but I thought I'd at least give it a shot. In the case that it is
created, it does exist and can be bridged, however no traffic occurs and I
am still unable to associate with the second BSS.

Each time I bring hostapd up, it creates the second interface, then deletes
it (from what hostapd's log shows). The BSS is being broadcast as I can see
on my laptop, except it is not being bridged, nor can anybody associate to

Config file (Note I have tried mixing and matching config variables under
the bss line, as well as certain other variables from the distributed
config file, based on hints while searching the net, to no avail):

Log file (-dd):

This section specifically is what's making me believe it could be a bug in
hostapd, unless it's something I'm missing:

VLAN: vlan_newlink(wlan0)
nl80211: Ignore dellink event for foreign ifindex 97
VLAN: vlan_newlink(wlan0)
VLAN: vlan_newlink(wlan0)
VLAN: vlan_newlink(wlan0)
VLAN: vlan_newlink(wlan0_0)
VLAN: vlan_newlink(wlan0_0)
VLAN: vlan_newlink(wlan0_0)
VLAN: vlan_newlink(wlan0_0)
VLAN: vlan_dellink(wlan0_0)
VLAN: vlan_dellink(wlan0_0)

Wireless capabilities:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If any additional details are
required to fix this issue, I will send them upon request.

--Matt Schultz
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