[PATCH] rsn_supp: Don't encrypt EAPOL-Key 4/4.

Andreas Hartmann andihartmann
Sat Sep 1 06:15:09 PDT 2012

Nicolas Cavallari wrote:
> On 08/02/2012 17:18, Andreas Hartmann wrote:
>> I expected that the 4/4 frame should have been unencrypted with your
>> patch. But this seems not to be.
> Then my patch does not work... Or the kernel/driver does something
> completely strange. I should check my patch more in infrastructure mode
> to see if my 4/4 are encrypted ...

I retested your patch again using 802.11g and could see this behaviour:

1. test: network idle
The 4/4 package is sent unencrypted as proposed. The rekeying did work
(but works fine too, without your patch).

2. test: network with high payload (netperf)
The 4/4 package couldn't be seen, but therefore 6(!) packages of payload
going from supplicant -> AP *unencrypted* . The rekeying didn't work

Therefore: Big fat warning: don't use this patch at all!

Kind regards,

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