compex WLM200NX (ath9k) dual band issue

Christian Lamparter chunkeey
Wed Nov 21 04:17:55 PST 2012

On Wednesday, November 21, 2012 02:23:27 AM Walter Robert Ditzler wrote:
> that happens when brain's turned off - of course only one band at the
> same time - related to the available mac address!
oh no, it's not related to the available mac address. With ath9k you
can setup additional virtual interfaces and all with different macs
[someone has tested it with AFAIK up to 128 virtual APs or stations -
of course there are constraints and problems. The most important one
for this hardware is that all these virtual interfaces must operate
on the same channel/frequency. You can easily add a "guest network"
with just one card, as long as both networks share the same channel.

> sorry for my stupid question but i didnt see it at the end - i got confused
> by some weired infos found on the net :(

Can you please tell us, where you got this info?

Note: I know that some shops are advertising Intel's 6235 with simultaneous
dual-band capabilities. (i.e: <>,
<>) [I've already asked someone
about this and got a "no"] 

> -----Original Message-----
> Of course the textblob there isn't particular helpful (in fact it's
> confusing), but there's a "key" sentence in there:
> "Single-chip, 802.11n compliant wireless LAN client solution with integrated
> MAC, baseband and dual 2.4/5 GHz radios"
> What this means is: The solution has dual 2.4/5GHz radios, it only has one
> media access controller (MAC) to drive either one of them.
> [The MAC deals with CSMA/CA, hw de-/encryption, bits of aggregation, ... 
> so you can't live without one]. And because there's only one MAC, the other
> radio is simply switched off and can't be used.  [Is this useful? Or do you
> need more technical details?]

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