Multiple BSSID network

Daniel Ščepka dissmissal
Tue Nov 20 11:59:01 PST 2012

I am creating a network with multiple unique BSSIDs (not ssid !!!) on one
wireless card but it does not work. I set multiple (just for now it means
two) BSSIDs in configuration file and started hostapd. It created a network
with ('multiple') two interfaces (one is real hardware card, the other is
virtual sub-interface on it). I can see them both in ifconfig output in
linux. I noticed the first (real) interface is in Master mode but the
second/virtual interface is in Managed mode.

When I am scanning the air from another PC I can see my two transmitters
(real bssid, virtual bssid) but the problem is that I can associate only to
real BSSID. I used wireshark to trace the traffic and I found out that the
monitoring interface (e.g. mon.wlan) handles management frames for all
interfaces (management works just fine!) but the data frames are going
straight to interfaces. I found out I can handle the data frames which goes
to real BSSID/interface, but there are no data frames going to virtual
BSSID/interface. I think that this is the reason of my problem, because
when I am trying associate to virtual BSSID it always crash after some
timeout expiration (it gives me some timeout error message).

Can you give me any help to solve this problem?

My experimental environment:
- Ubuntu 12.04, kernel 3.2.0-23
- nl80211 driver in hostapd
- usb wireless card TP-Link TL-WN821N (we tried also so Intel cards)

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