Disconnect P2P client from P2P Group

Nishant Sharma nishantshrm009
Thu Nov 15 21:16:58 PST 2012

Hi Jouni,

Please, as per your reply , help me with following queries :

src/ap/wpa_auth.c would need some changes to make it match the P2P Client

        case based on P2P Device Address instead of the P2P Interface

       --Currently, complete flow for SM_STATE(WPA_PTK, PTKCALCNEGOTIATING)
is based on P2P Interface Address and struct wpa_state_machine stores the
         interface address. Hence, storing P2P Device Address in struct
wpa_ssid is not helping either.

2. Store the P2P Device Address with the runtime network (struct wpa_ssid)
--What is the significance of storing P2P Device Address in struct wpa_ssid?

3. Disconnecting a client part would then be to remove the identified
address, PSK pair and deauthenticate the station from the group.

        --Currently, supplicant first deauthenticate and once it receives
event EVENT_DISASSOC from driver then it removes the identified address,
PSK pair.

4.     Per device PSK changes also requires changes for validating data
frame based on PSK.

Correct me if I am wrongly understood. Also, further guide would be


On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 7:49 PM, Jouni Malinen <j at w1.fi> wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 06, 2012 at 12:50:50PM +0530, Nishant Sharma wrote:
> >                As per my understanding currently, same PSK is being
> shared
> > for all the clients of the same GO. Your suggestion is to have one PSK
> per
> > client. But my requirement is  to disconnect a particular client form GO.
> > Can I achieve this from following steps:
> > 1. Adding a new command for client disconnect in interface.
> > 2. this disconnect command will send a disassociation frame to that
> client.
> > 3. Remove client from peer list and clean up all the client resources
> from
> > supplicant of GO.
> That will not prevent the disconnected peer from connecting again since
> it knows the PSK. Per-device PSK needs to be used to allow this
> operation to be done securely.
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Thanks and Regards
Nishant Sharma
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