hostap 1.1 release

Chinchilla, Angie V angie.v.chinchilla
Tue Nov 6 11:56:35 PST 2012

I am planning to release hostap 1.1 about a week from today (depending on Jouni's availability).
I've picked up a couple of final commits from hostap 2.0-devel into hostap 1.1-devel and tagged
the current snapshot as hostap 1.1-rc1.

New commits from hostap 2.0-devel:

f826635c2d4951113e87e4fd89f13ec3c39ab6fa Fix EAPOL processing when STA switches between multi-BSSes
86cf382b80b9cf0ea116d39f1a56669197651917 Fix EAPOL supplicant port authorization with PMKSA caching

To grab a snapshot of 1.1-rc1, say for testing, you can use this web page link:;a=summary
and select "snapshot" which will provide you with a tarball of 1.1-rc1.

If you get a chance to test this please report any issues.

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