Yet another RSSI/BSS Load question

Filip Mestanov fichkata
Thu Jun 28 07:03:58 PDT 2012


I was going through the documentation, the source code and the mailing list
archive, but I couldn't find anything of use, so I decided to post here.
I am trying to test something on an OpenWRT router so I am looking into
obtaining information about the received signal strengths of the associated
stations, as well as the current AP BSS Load (as per IEEE Std 802.11-2012 -
ch. and ch., respectively).
For the RSSI, I understand that screen-scraping "iw" is not an option and
unfortunately neither of the bellow-mentioned files contain any useful
information (at least under OpenWRT - Backire 10.03.1):

Is there any other way to obtain the RSSI (any part of the source code that
deals with that)?
As for the BSS Load, I did not manage to dig up ANY information.

It goes without saying that any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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