[PATCH 0/7 - v5] Automatic scanning support

Tomasz Bursztyka tomasz.bursztyka
Wed Jun 27 01:07:46 PDT 2012

Hi Jouni,

Thanks, and sorry for the left-overs.

Changing parameters while in SCANNING state should be fine.
I will test that, and if necessary will send patches.

> On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 11:05:45AM +0300, Tomasz Bursztyka wrote:
>> I applied your comments for v4, and rebased the patchset against latest HEAD.
>> I kept the module way of building autoscan support, as it is for bgscan actually.
>> According to replies on previous version of the patchset, there might be some different needs so more modules coming.
> Thanks! Applied all seven patches with some small fixes. In addition, I
> added following changes to make this somewhat more convenient with the
> autoscan value configured in the configuration file and to allow changes
> to parameters even when in SCANNING state. Please verify that the end
> result matches with what you expected to see.
> Jouni Malinen (7):
>        Write autoscan parameter to config file on updates
>        Fix autoscan exponential to start with the base value
>        Fix autoscan exponential to limit interval in all cases
>        Start autoscan for first connection attempt
>        Cancel pending scan request on DISCONNECT command
>        Reinitialize autoscan on explicit reassocciate/reconnect command
>        Allow autoscan parameters to be changed in SCANNING state

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