[PATCH] P2P: Fix Ctrl interfance for parsing of command p2p_connect

Jouni Malinen j
Sat Jun 23 14:51:52 PDT 2012

On Fri, May 04, 2012 at 11:30:56PM +0000, Shah, Nirav J2 wrote:
> The reason I did this is I am trying to figure out how p2p_invite works for non persistent groups.

This was added mainly (only?) for testing purposes as pointed out in the
commit 108def931eddddc2a5c7e08c393a71b1e35787d9:

P2P: Add command for pre-authorizing an invitation to an active group
This is mainly designed for testing and allows p2p_connect join auth
to be used to accept a specific invitation to an active group that
may be received in the future.

> I was trying to do "p2p_connect <go_peer> join auth" to pre-authorize a peer to invite this instance to a group (non-persistent).

> But I looked at this 
> 	/* <addr> <"pbc" | "pin" | PIN> [label|display|keypad] [persistent]
> 	 * [join] [auth] [go_intent=<0..15>] [freq=<in MHz>] */
> and I realized that command is not accepted because p2p_connect expects <"pbc" | "pin" | PIN>
> Does p2p_connect need wps authentication. If so how should I be doing this?

Yes, you will need to know which WPS config method will be used and the
PIN (if used).. While it could be possible to come up with some examples
of where this might have some sense, this is really expected to be used
for testing purposes.

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