[PATCH] P2P When UUID gets changed and more pbc session entries are created, remove logic should check for loop entry address

Jouni Malinen j
Sat Jun 9 07:15:06 PDT 2012

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 08:37:27AM +0000, Neeraj Kumar Garg wrote:
> When UUID gets changed between a received probe request (for wps) and the M1 message, we might endup creating 2 entries in pbc sessions list (with same device address and different UUID). But when we try to remove the entries, we need to compare that pbc sessions list entry->address. This will ensure that both entries gets removed.
> Please let me know if the below patch is OK or I am missing something in my understanding.

I'm not sure I understand what this is trying to accomplish.. First of
all, the UUID should never change for a device, so I'd assume this is
referring to the case where we need to work around some already deployed
P2P implementations that use multiple UUIDs.

Would you be able to provide a debug log showing a case where this
change is needed?

> diff --git a/src/wps/wps_registrar.c b/src/wps/wps_registrar.c
> @@ -313,8 +313,8 @@ static void wps_registrar_remove_pbc_session(struct wps_registrar *reg,
>  	pbc = reg->pbc_sessions;
>  	while (pbc) {
>  		if (os_memcmp(pbc->uuid_e, uuid_e, WPS_UUID_LEN) == 0 ||
> -		    (p2p_dev_addr && !is_zero_ether_addr(reg->p2p_dev_addr) &&
> -		     os_memcmp(reg->p2p_dev_addr, p2p_dev_addr, ETH_ALEN) ==
> +		    (p2p_dev_addr && !is_zero_ether_addr(pbc->addr) &&
> +		     os_memcmp(pbc->addr, p2p_dev_addr, ETH_ALEN) ==

This does not look correct. pbc->addr is the MAC address that the
enrollee device used, i.e., it would be P2P Interface Address in case of
a P2P Client. That cannot be compared to P2P Device Address.

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