how to trigger 'set_key/associate' with ap_scan=0 and CONFIG_NO_SCAN_PROCESSING?

Enrico enricop
Thu Jun 7 10:04:45 PDT 2012

on Illumos, platform driver and system library take care of scanning, AP 
selection, and set ieee802.11 parameters.

For reducing architectural changes we want to avoid wpa_s from sending scan 
requests once started. I would like to know what is the recommended way for 
externally triggering set_key and associate driver ops.

We set up wpa_s with CONFIG_NO_SCAN_PROCESSING, and start it with ap_scan=0.
It triggers _init, _get_ssid, _get_bssid, but _set_key and _associate are never 
started, even if *all* "wpa_scan_res" and "wpa_ie_data" fields have been passed 
via control interface.
(only caps and freq are missing because already set by the driver)
(get_bssid, get_ssid return 00:00..... and 0)

EVENT_SCAN_RESULTS cannot be used, scan is performed before wpa_s even starts...
Reassociate/reconnect ctrl_if commands request a scan...

I've seen ways to force it after i set network params via ctrl_if, not sure if 
this supported by wpa_s state machine.
Any suggestion?
Thank, Enrico

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