Dynamic authentication / One-time password

michael-dev michael-dev
Fri Jul 20 03:44:18 PDT 2012


Am 20.07.2012 12:37, schrieb DaveM:
> One big improvement for me would be if I could *see* the psk the user 
> is
> sending, before responding in any way. This would allow me to handle
> multiple users using different passphrases in parallel. (Handing out 
> one
> psk to user 1 and handing out a different one to user 2, while user 1
> has not managed to connect yet). Would this be possible with the 
> current
> architecture? Right now, it seems, only one passphrase/psk can be
> offered at a time.

at last the passphrase cannot be recovered from the data the user is 
sending, though, as the method is an iterator, you can offer multiple 
psks to hostapd (I guess).

  M. Braun

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