hostapd + WPA2 + ath9k + compat-wireless = fail(?)

Mihai Moldovan ionic
Tue Jan 31 23:26:03 PST 2012

* On 31.01.2012 12:34 AM, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Which kernel version and compat-wireless version combinations have you
> seen issues with?
Both 3.0.2 and 3.2 (though I wasn't able to test the latter one very
much, as it keeps crashing due do some unknown but unrelated reason.)
Version was 2012-01-12 for both. I will re-test today/tomorrow just to
make sure I haven't missed anything.

> mac80211 added recently support for AP mode operations without requiring
> the monitor interface. hostapd will automatically stop using monitor
> interface when the driver is detected to support the new mechanism.
Oh I see, so the newer ath9k version added support for monitorless AP
mode, thanks.

> This depends on whether TX status indication is available for EAPOL
> frames. This was available through the monitor interface, but may not be
> available in some cases with the new mechanism if you use new enough
> compat-wireless with a kernel version that does not support the needed
> socket extensions.
Hm ok... but a higher timeout shouldn't make handshaking fail anyway, so
probably unrelated to my problem.

> I haven't seen this issue in my tests, but I don't really test with
> compat-wireless, so I could easily have missed some combination of
> versions that do not get handled correctly. It looks like the issue
> would be in either the way EAPOL frames are sent or received which
> sounds a bit odd since I would have expected some other areas to be more
> like to be broken than this..
If that's the case, would I need to get some raw packet dump to help in
debugging? Is that even possible, without another card sniffing traffic
(and for that matter, would it even help due to encryption?)

Thank you for your answer!

Best regards,


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