wpa_supplicant not perform 4way handshake while using wpa-psk security

Vasanth Ragavendran ragavendra.2007
Tue Jan 31 21:50:20 PST 2012

Some correction in the previous post.The end pc's can't be pingged since
bridge is removed. however the ap and client are also not pinggable. Why is
that so?

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>AP to start 4-way handshake - no such frame is visible in the debug log

>you sent.

Thank you so much for your reply Jouni. Yes it wasn't performing a
4-way handshake.

>Could you please start by running the test without using the bridge
>interface? I.e., remove ath0 from any bridge and remove that -b

I followed your suggestion and i've removed the wireless driver from
the bridge as well as from the commandfor starting the supplicant, it
was able to associate and the 4-way and group handshake are complete.
  And the client and the AP are associated. However, I'm not able to
ping between them! :( Neither am i able to ping the end pc's connected
to the wireless devices. The connection setup is as follows.

pc1 --- client --- ap --- pc2

The link betn pc and the wireless devices are thru ethernet. How could
this happen? Further, I am using ap and sta in wds mode. Where the mac
address againt the "Access Point" is the mac address of the Ap which
I'm connecting it to. However I even tried with an older version of
wpa_supplicant and hostapd 0.5.9. Using that version, I'm able to
associate and ping even if the wireless device(ath0) is bridged. What
could be causing it to happen this way?! Thanks again for your help.
Awaiting your early response. Attached please find the log of the
successfully completed handshake, but unable to ping the ap from the
client or ping the client from the ap.

Thanks and Regards
R.Vasanth Ragavendran.
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