testing p2p using test interface

Zahraa Salah zsalah
Mon Jan 23 04:59:17 PST 2012

Any CLUE?!!


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1.I tried to make 2 interfaces interfaces and dedicated one for the

Where the 2 instances of the supplicant point to it in the .conf using
driver_param=test_socket="socket path" the 2 instances didn't see this
socket as well


2.I also tried to make each instance of the supplicant point to the
socket (created by interface) of the other instance 

Ex:          supp1: has interface sta1 and in supp1.conf the
driver_param=test_socket=" sta2 path"

                Supp2:has interface sta2 and in supp2.conf the
driver_param=test_socket=" sta1 path"

Seems that they can see each other but I get:


Unknown test_socket command - hexdump_ascii(len=3):

     4f 4b 0a                                          OK_             

RX ctrl_iface - hexdump_ascii(len=4):

     53 43 41 4e                                       SCAN            

Ongoing scan action - reject new request

test_driver: received 10 bytes

Unknown test_socket command - hexdump_ascii(len=10):

     46 41 49 4c 2d 42 55 53 59 0a                     FAIL-BUSY_


I'd appreciate the help

Thank you




From: Zahraa Salah 
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Subject: testing p2p using test interface




I successfully tested the hostapd with the wpa_supplicant.

Now I'm trying to test the p2p using Driver_test interface.

I changed th .conf file. Started the supplicant and also started the
wpa_cli  and run the command p2p_find,

The supplicant started scanning for a p2p device.


I started another instance of the supplicant with different
cotrol_interface and also connected the a new wpa_cli to this interface,

The 2nd instance of the supplicant started scanning also.

The 2 instances can't see each other though they're scanning and
operating on the same channel(configured this in both .conf)


I realized that the communication in the first setup(hostapd &
supplicant) was though test_socket created 

Now what Im doing in the 2nd setup (2 wpa_supplicant)is having 2
interfaces with nothing to attach them to each other


How to make the 2 interfaces see each other? What parameter im missing
in the .conf file?


Thank you,



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