p2p dbus changes for hostap-1.0?

Angie Chinchilla angie.v.chinchilla
Fri Feb 10 10:55:44 PST 2012

On Fri, 2012-02-10 at 16:40 -0200, Fl?vio Ceolin wrote:
> I agree with Angie, it's really necessary we have a decision before the rc3.
> In case of these changes are accepted, it's possible to send another patch
> doing the same for other interfaces like P2PDevice during the rc3 ?

I'd like to see the interface as consistent as possible. I would prefer
not to take your first patch (for hostap-1.0) unless I also have a
second patch for P2PDevice as well. I also need to submit a patch to
redo the p2p group properties, if we go this route. 

It's kind of last minute, I know, but it's an opportunity to get the
interface where we want it before it makes it into a release and is
harder to change.


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