wpa_supplicant and power saving options

Adrien Bustany adrien
Sun Feb 5 09:14:52 PST 2012

Le 04/02/2012 20:12, Jouni Malinen a ?crit :
> On Mon, Jan 09, 2012 at 03:30:10PM +0200, Adrien Bustany wrote:
>> it seems that currently wpa_supplicant does not expose properties of
>> wlan drivers like "powersaving" or "tx power" via DBus. Is it
>> because that is outside the scope of wpa_supplicant, or just because
>> nobody needed that yet? If it's outside the scope of wpa_supplicant,
>> I guess there could be a "power saving daemon" (or whatever you might
>> call it) sitting next to wpa_supplicant that would also interact with
>> the device using netlink, I suppose there would be no problems with
>> having many programs sending netlink messages to the same device?
> For most parts, this sounds like something that would be outside the
> scope of wpa_supplicant. What kind of use would you have for these?

Adjusting the TX power of the chip can be used to save quite some power 
(of course, if you reduce it too much then things stop working :) ), 
powersaving is a flag exposed by nl80211, I guess what drivers actually 
do is implementation specific. Those two are quite relevant on mobile 
devices, where you want to reduce power usage as much as possible.
I guess that as long as the netlink messages sent by a "power" daemon 
are not the same as the one sent by wpa-supplicant, conflicts will be 



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