Clarification about p2p_states in wpa_supplicant

Neeraj Kumar Garg neerajkg
Wed Feb 1 03:31:47 PST 2012

Hello Jouni,

We need your suggestions and thoughts for below conditions in supplicant:

1)      Inside wpa_supplicant_scan(), we drop the sta scan if p2p is in progress. But p2p_in_progress function returns false if p2p state is P2P_PROVISIONING. There could be a LegacySTA scan going on when P2P state is in provisioning. And that will fail the p2p connection. In concurrent mode of LegacySTA and p2p, we are hitting this condition. Is it safe to generate a patch for p2p_in_progress function which returns true if p2p_state != P2P_IDLE? Or you had something else in mind as you have specifically allowed P2P_PROVISIONING state.

2)      There is no p2p state to take care of time between P2P_GROUP_FORMATION_SUCCESS and P2P_GROUP_STARTED at p2p client side. We are hitting one condition (very rarely) where GROUP_FORMATION_SUCCESS event comes and then supplicant gets 0 scan results [scan has been triggered for association after WPS completion], and then supplicant never initiates the association to GO. So P2P_GROUP_STARTED is never generated and a p2p interface is left behind [in case if use_p2p_group_interface=1 was used].

To take care of this,  shall we introduce a time out for not getting the scan results and then informing the application/cli about P2P_GROUP_NOT_STARTED.

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