Is RF band field in the WPS of Beacon necessary only when AP is concurrent dual-band AP?

Stone stonezju
Sun Dec 16 18:26:20 PST 2012

Hi Jouni,

I checked wpa_supplicant code and found that,

In wps_set_ie(), we checked dual-band when build rf band info for beacon,
if (wps_build_version(beacon) ||
   (reg->dualband && wps_build_rf_bands(&reg->wps->dev, beacon)) ||

while for probe resp, we did not check the dualband flag,
if (wps_build_version(probe) ||
   wps_build_rf_bands(&reg->wps->dev, probe) ||

The reg->dualband flag will be set when the AP is a concurrent dual
band AP in hostapd_init_wps(). So does it mean RF band is necessary
when AP is concurrent dual-band AP? In WSC spec, we can only get that
rf band info indicates all RF bands available on the AP and a
dual-band(not concurrent dual-band) AP must provide this attribute.

look forward to your reply. Thanks a lot.


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