Persistent P2P link with N clients

Aurelien Lefebvre alk
Wed Dec 12 04:56:18 PST 2012


I have N clients, and I want them to be connected together via P2P, so 
I've done the following procedure:

GO: p2p_group_add
GO: wps_pbc
P2P-CLIENT-1: p2p_connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX pbc join
(Here, the link between GO and P2P-CLIENT-1 is established)
GO: wps_pbc
P2P-CLIENT-2: p2p_connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX pbc join
(Here, the link between GO en P2P-CLIENT-2 is established)

At this point, I got everything I want, except one thing: I want this 
topology to be persistent against wpa_supplicant restart or target 
reboot. How can I manage that? Is it possible by saving config in 
wpa_supplicant configuration files or is it mandatory to re-do the 
previous procedure?

Re-applying the procedure each time is a problem as it requires human 
actions: wps_pbc for client1, *then* for client2, etc. Because I tried 
concurrent connection and it results in wps overlap failures.

Maybe I miss something in P2P operations...

Thanks for your help.


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