distribute WPA2 keys to peer nodes

Chao Xu caesarxuchao
Thu Dec 6 21:09:57 PST 2012

Hi Jouni,

My objective is to let the STAs in the same WPA2 secured network to
overhear each other's packets. Could you give me some suggestions on the
following questions?
1.I think first I need to turn on the promiscuous mode of each STA. But I
guess wpa_supplicant has nothing to do with this. Instead I need to deal
with the driver. Am I right?
2. Because the network is using WPA2, so node A cannot decipher the packets
sent by node B. So I think I need to instruct node A to send its PTK to
node B. My specific questions are 2a. where does the source code of
wpa_supplicant deal with the keys? So that I can get a copy of the keys.
2b. how can I modify wpa_supplicant so that I can instruct a node to use a
specific key to decipher a specific packet?

Chao Xu
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