No MiMo Support for AR5008?

Lasse Jensen and0806
Tue Nov 29 05:32:30 PST 2011

Is there no N support for AR5008 in hostapd?
I can?t get 802.11n speed to work with hostapd and AR5008, (nl80211) I 
have tested allsorts of "ht_capab" options and, the AP annonce itself as 
a 802.11n at 300Mbit in f.ex. Metageeks InSSIDer? but I can only get 
close to 802.11g speed in MiMo mode and if i disable "N" mode and only 
use "G" then it goes well as one can expect in a "G" network. :(
Hope to see true "N" speed in future releases of hostapd

Best regards Lasse from Denmark

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