[PATCH] wpa_supplicant, nl80211: ieee80211 power save support

Janusz Dziedzic janusz.dziedzic
Fri Nov 25 12:03:48 PST 2011

2011/11/25 Jouni Malinen <j at w1.fi>:
> On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 03:10:49PM +0100, Janusz Dziedzic wrote:
>> > "p2p_set ps <0/1>" can be used to enable/disable legacy PS.
>> >
>> > I added an initial set_p2p_powersave() implementation for nl80211, so
>> > the enabling/disabling part should now be available and I don't think we
>> > need the additional commands from this patch.
>> >
>> What in case we don't support p2p then?
> That command should work even if P2P is not supported (but it may need
> to be built in wpa_supplicant to actually get the ctrl_iface part for
> this).
>> This commands were very usefull during features veryfication with/without PS.
>> Currently we enabled this by default in the driver.
> Why did you do this through wpa_supplicant and not with, say, iw
> power_save command?

That was during automated tests where we are using wpa_cli :)
That was easier then, at least for test scripts. In official builds we
don't have iw.

>> I also saw some implementation that disable/enabled PS in android
>> environtment "DRIVER POWERMODE" - why, I am not sure. I can suspect,
>> they enable PS after will get IP address from DHCP. With some APs
>> there are problems with getting IP address via DHCP when PS enabled.
>> Seems some workaround activated from usermode.
> "DRIVER POWERMODE" can now be redirected to use set_p2p_powersave() to
> avoid the driver_cmd(). There seems to be GETPOWER, too, which would
> need something else if it is really used.

For me is OK to use p2p_set ps cli, and you can skip this patch.


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